The title says it all, but we have to go a bit into the topic to understand thoroughly what the problem is in reality and how we can overcome it.  Many of us, have the problem of wasting our time in front of the TV when in fact we should read fitness and health articles which will guide us towards how can or should we enjoy our daily life meeting people, sitting with friends and being in a healthy environment. This act of ours can do wonders for us and can take us further a long way without any health problems or family problems.

But, we prefer to sit idle in front of the television and fill our mind with a diverse tensing feed of information which is not helping us in any way at all. Why I emphasized on the word youth in my title is because, the new generation has installed in their self-everything, which is futuristic and runs on advanced technology. Health and fitness articles told us that, This requirement makes them more and more interested into getting the feed from TV instead of real-life examples or so and in return gets stuck to that and ruins the health.

How? When a person is sitting on a big sofa in front of the TV and has coke in one hand and a popcorn in other and just being there for hours and hours getting lots of information of every kind from every channel, this is a perfect recipe for being sick and getting weaker by the day. This will not only weaken your body but your eyes.

The stats are showing that, In the USA alone, millions of people especially youth are getting sicker due to this problem and also hundreds of people have started to wear spectacles in their young age.

Many of us are familiar with this problem but, familiarity is not the solution. Yeah, it can be the first step towards it but not the solution in its true sense. What we need to do is tell our family members and our kids that what the right way to spend the day is. In fact, the best way is to give them the alternative which will make their decision easy to make.

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