Why most of you always go for healthy weight loss meal plan when there are other things in life which you can do make your body cute and sweet. There is some simple stuff you need by abide to. It is a simple routine but will do wonders by you and your body.


Again I am telling you to forget healthy eating plan for weight loss. It is helpful but if you are going to abide to this routine then it will be really helpful which you would not have ever imagined. Firstly, you need to make sure that your routine is to get sleep at appropriate times. You need to sleep and awake at times which are prescribed by the experts. An 8 hours sleep is perfect for everyone and it is also a time plan the whole world follows.


With every day rising the best thing you can do is to get the modest and healthy meal. You have been fasting the whole night so, it’s not harmful if you eat some non-greasy meal in the morning to add to your fresh start of the morning. Granola is high protein and if you are fine with that, then eating them is something I would highly recommend being part of your daily routine



By playing, I don’t mean playing along with kids but in fact meant playing like kids. Be happy and make your body work out not in a gym but in a natural environment. This part of routine is really important due to the fact that, many people are not giving it consideration and them being busy in their life is not helping them in any way, especially not in matters of health 

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